Top 10 Bloggers Share Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Your House Clean

It takes hard work to clean a house but in most cases, the work is not as much as many homeowners imagine. To have a clean house, you must establish simple but proper habits which you must repeat regularly. The more you repeat the tasks, the cleaner you house will stay.

Some of the common housekeeping practices include cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping on a weekly basis. You must look for a routine that works best for you and your family but focus on those which you can do daily than one big one weekly. In this article, top ten industry bloggers share tips and tricks on how to keep your house clean.

Simple cleaning hacks shared by Victoria


Victoria is the owner of Creative Home Keeper. She inspires many people by giving them practical tips and tricks to live a much simpler life at home. In her blog, she talks about a 52-week Home project which incorporates cleaning habits that take only a few minutes, for instance, cleaning living room floors. This blog post where she has combined her top favorite cleaning routines is a must read. It’s a great post for everyone who feels house cleaning chores are a bore.

Victoria gives a straightforward and easy task that involves starting the process by cleaning the furniture, removing the couch or cushions and vacuum all the small particles or crumb hidden. Vacuum underneath your furniture to give the floors below a good cleaning. Scrub any built up gunk or stains and use spot cleaning for carpeted floors.

Have good storage space in every room shared by Laura

Laura is the owner of the “I’m an Organizing Junkie” blog. Her blog is not about having a perfect home, but it’s one that provides you with practical tips and ideas that help you manage it all in your home. Laura has authored a book called Clutter Rehab. One of the ways to have a clean home is to have excellent storage facilities in every room of your house to avoid clutter. Here are some great storage facilities she recommends for keeping your house neat. Ensure that nothing is piled up in a corner or on the floor, but in a safe container that makes the room to look clean and tidy.

Maintain a cleaning routine shared by Melissa

clean my space

Melissa runs the Clean My Space Website where she focuses on issues such as home cleaning, laundry tips, DIY products, and cleaning hacks among others. She will teach you how to clean just about anything in the home. Melissa notes that half of the cleaning is about tidying and arranging, which is harder when space is cluttered and disorganized. I particularly love this post about some things you need to toss away. Ensure that your home is clean, remove anything that can be causing a jam, in the house, store, garage, before you clean and keep up the routine.

Simple DIY projects shared by Jen Woodhouse


Jen Woodhouse owns iheartorganizing blog which is a creative outlet for all your DIY projects. Good planning and organization are the recipes for a cleaner house and environment. Simple DIY tasks that you do daily or weekly will give you a cleaner space in the home. You will find lots of DIY projects like these ones here.

Proper parenting for a clean house shared by Samantha Angoletta

Samantha, the owner of Scary Mommy blog, shares fantastic insights about parenting. Other moms can learn a thing or two from her on how to keep a clean home. You will have less cluttering if you manage to control kids around the home. You can learn some great parenting skills on this blog post.

Have a cleaning checklist Dana K. White


Dana runs A Slob Comes Clean, a reality-based and organizing blog. If you are looking for perfection, Dana will not give you, but she offers many tips on how to maintain a clean home and shares many truths about cleaning and organizing strategies that work for people. One way to keep your house clean is to declutter, and so Dana shows you how to clean your wardrobes, kitchen drawers, garage, bathroom, playroom, and closet among others. Once you’ve decluttered, a repeat routine is critical to ensure nothing piles up and makes the home ugly and untidy. When a room is disorganized, dirt accumulates and makes your home unsightly. It’s important to have a cleaning checklist so you know where to begin and how much time to spend while cleaning. This post on the importance of a checklist while cleaning your house is a must read for everyone.

Manage your cable clutter shared by Sarah

Sarah is the creator of the “Early Bird Mom”. Her blog touches on many issues, but the most notable one is how to manage cable clutter for a cleaner home. Messy cables make your room to appear untidy and can drive you crazy. When there are numerous cords in the home that tangle into an ugly mess, they can be an eye sore. You need to find a way of keeping them organized, and Sara shares some options that will keep the cables neat and help you maintain a clean and organized home. You can learn a thing or two by visiting her blog.

Clean your kitchen the easy way shared by Jessica


Jessica is an expert in offering fellow women cleaning hacks and tips to keep a clean home. The owner of Mom 4 Real Blog shares creative ways to make changes in your home, clean, and organize it so that it looks sparkling. As you cook using your stove, food crumbs tend to pile up, and when neglected, it makes your cooking area look unsightly. It will save you the shame of covering up gunk with your kitchen towel which is equally gross. You can maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep your kitchen clean and ensure you enjoy spending time in the area; after all, a kitchen is a high-traffic area in the home. She empowers women to know that they don’t need to break a bank to keep a clean and healthy kitchen. This blog post has everything you need to know when it comes to keeping your kitchen sparkling clean. (http://www.mom4real.com/sanitize-clean-kitchen-easy-way/)

Decluttering your house shared by Melissa

Melissa through her blog, the Inspired Room shares simple ideas of how to organize your home. She offers uncomplicated ideas that involve decluttering your house and leaving room for the things that you love. I’d recommend this post on her blog about how she set to declutter every room in her home over some months. You will feel lighter and breathe better if you remove anything from your sight and from hidden corners.

Establish an evening cleaning routine shared by Rachael


Rachael runs amotherfarfrom Home blog. She offers several tips on why your home feels chaotic and routines to keep a tidy house. Her focus is on parenting but still shares how you can keep your home clean even with toddlers in the home. A majority of these little ones can mess up a rather well-cleaned house and turn it upside down. Among the tips to maintain a tidy home is by practicing an evening sweep where you clean every evening to declutter. The evening sweep involves taking at least five to ten minutes going from one room to the other tidying up, returning things to their place and straightening up. Rachael explains the evening sweep routine in details here. Starting with baby steps will help to build a sustainable culture which will keep your home forever tidy.

The bloggers mentioned here can teach you a thing or two about keeping your house clean. The list could be more, but use their insights to achieve your desired home cleaning goal.

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