How To Descale Keurig

Are you getting poor tasting coffee from your Keurig? Thinking of disposing it and getting a new one? Wait…did you know that simply cleaning and descaling your brewer could solve your problem?

By cleaning and descaling your Keurig coffee brewer, you will be able to enjoy great tasting coffee and also keep it working at its best for years. How regularly you may have to clean it depends on how often you use your brewer and the type of water you use (hard or soft). Here is how to descale Keurig for more tasty coffee.

How to descale a Keurig using Undiluted white vinegar

how-to-descale a-keurig-machine
What you will need
• Undiluted white vinegar
• An empty sink
• Ceramic mug( never use a paper cup)

Unplug it

This cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure you remove your Keurig from any power connection.

Disassemble it

Open the top of your Keurig and remove the K-Cup holder. Be careful while doing this as there are some sharp needles in there. The cup holder is dishwasher safe so you simply need to toss it to your dishwasher and it will get cleaned. Alternatively, wash it under running warm soapy water and dry it well. Check the holes at the bottom of your cup holder and ensure there are no obstructions. The drip tray is easily removable. Clean it thoroughly either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Unclog the needles

unclogging with a needle
The upper part of the K-cup holder has a needle. Take a paperclip and bend it partially. With the top of the Keurig open, slowly insert the free end of the paperclip into all the three holes each at a time at a point where the needle pierces the K-Cup. Wiggle the paperclip around then remove it carefully. Do not worry about damaging your machine as there are no working parts in there. It’s just the holes that are blocked by debris and scale.

Slap and burp

Hold your Keurig upside down over your sink and slap the base several times with the palm of your hand. And I mean slap it hard. As crazy as these sounds, it greatly helps in loosing debris. Do not worry; you won’t be arrested for slapping your Keurig!

Blow into your Keurig

Thought the previous method was crazy? This is even weird but works perfectly. Turn your Keurig upside down and insert a drinking straw over the spout. Wrap it with a paper towel to make it as airtight as much as you can. Next, blow hard into the straw to force air through the Keurig spout. This will assist in dislodging the debris and open the water line.

Wipe it down and reassemble

Take a damp, soft cloth and wipe any water stains or coffee grinds in and around the cup holder area. Don’t forget to wipe the down front of the brewer.

Descale it

descaling keurig
Fill the cold water tank with undiluted white vinegar. Place the ceramic mug on the drip tray and then lift the brewer handle but do not add the k-cup. After about 5 seconds, lower the brewer handle and then press the flashing blue brew button. It will start by flashing red and then will turn into a solid red. After the vinegar is completely dispensed, pour out the hot contents into the sink.

Second Vinegar Rinse

Pour some more undiluted vinegar into the water reservoir and repeat the above process.

Rinse with fresh water

Fill the water reservoir with some fresh water. Put the ceramic mug on the drip tray and then lower the brewer handle and continue with the brewing process until the hot water gets dispensed into the mug. Pour the hot contents into your sink. Repeat the process three more times or until the water dispensed doesn’t contain any vinegary taste.

How to descale a Keurig using citric acid and water

removing parts of a keurig

Prepare your citric acid solution

You will need about 2 tablespoons of citric acid per 1 liter of water. Citric acid is found in most grocery stores. Sometimes, it may come labeled as sour soda. Stir it with a spoon to dissolve the citric acid in the water.

Put the citric acid solution into the reservoir

The citric acid dissolves lime scale build up that is in your machine

Put a mug under the drainage spout

Ensure the cup matches with the size of the brew so that there are no spills. You can as well use a larger cup.

Brew a mug of hot water

The citric acid easily flows into the Keurig and dissolves any build up inside.
Discard the hot water and repeat the above process until the reservoir is completely empty.

Fill the reservoir with some fresh water


When the reservoir is empty, remove it from the Keurig and refill it with some hot water. Place it back into the Keurig when it’s completely full. The machine will still contain some citric acid, so you will need to flush it out. If you do not, it may alter the taste of your coffee.

Maintain your Keurig

Carrying out this procedure every other month will ensure your machine keeps running at its best condition. Should you realize that your Keurig is brewing too slowly or making small cups of coffee than usual, carry out the entire process to get it to work like its brand new.

No more worries of throwing away your Keurig when you only need to descale it and you have fresh tasting coffee every morning.

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