What Is The Best Herb Grinder? Top Weed Grinder Reviewed

If smokers or conscious chefs do not feature in your friend and relations list, then you would probably be tempted to ask why some soups are so consistent and joints so evenly burnt. It is because of the herb grinder. A herb grinder is actually very different from a juicer or blender. At the first mention, you may associate it with farm tools for feeds. It uses similar  mechanisms, but in a different way. So, what is the herb grinder?

What Is Herb Grinder – Definition

Herb grinder is technically a cylindrical device divided into two halves with sharp pegs or “teeth” aligned such that when the halves are turned/rotated/twisted, it shreds materials inside it. They exist in many different outlooks and mechanisms, including some modified with pollen capture to prevent choking from the same. Besides, many manufactures have varied examples which present confusion on which is the right one to choose. So what is the best herb grinder?

Our Best Herb Grinder Picks…

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Herb grinders are mostly made from wood, plastic acrylic or metal and can be categorized by number of chambers (one, double, three), mode of operation (electric, bullet, rotary) and size. They have different finishing and teeth designs. They are commonly used for refining marijuana or tobacco as well as in kitchen for crushing spices and herbs. Here are some examples with its answer for what is the best grinder available for that category.
One Chamber
best Crown Skull Herb Grinder and weed grinder reviewThey have one compartment where the herb is placed and crushed between the top and bottom half. It also has a low preference mainly because the experience or feeling is too basic plus too much kief goes to waste.
What We Recommend: The best grinder for this category is the $7.03 Crowned-Skull Herb Grinder produced by Bi-Win mainly because of the ergonomic easy rotation and sharp teeth.
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best weed grinder review of 3 Chambers Aluminum herb grinder produced by FairyDustThis is perhaps the most loved herb grinder mainly because it preserves the kief (resin trichomes of cannabis that accumulate in a container).
What We Recommend:A good example is the 2.1 inch 3 Chambers Aluminum herb grinder produced by FairyDust® Grinders that is sold at $17.95. It basically contains three compartments; one for grinding, 2nd for filtering/sieving and third for collection. It is made of aluminum alloy and has precisely sharpened teeth (28 CNC) as well as a screen mesh for catching pollen.

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Electric Grinder

Compact Electric (Assorted herb grinder) is the best herb grinder reviewedThis grinder consist of a short length plug which is connected to the power socket and an attached container where the herb is crushed. It works like your common fruit blender only that it is smaller.
What We Recommend:A good example of electric grinder is the Compact Electric (Assorted herb grinder) that currently goes for about $10. It has sharp fast rotating blades using minimal power and should be plugged after putting herbs in the container.

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Plastic/Acrylic Grinder

best grinder for herb and weed review of 3 Chambers Aluminum herb grinder produced by FairyDustThese herb grinders are made of plastic and less preferred by today’s smokers although they still shred tobacco and marijuana to fine pieces.
What We Recommend:The best typical example is the 4-piece Herb Grinder (Acrylic + Screen + Stash) due to the screen and stash that catches pollen. It is produced by evolve industries and you can get it at a good price from Amazon.com.

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Wood Grinder

best herb grinder review on Bubble Star Wooden Herb GrinderThese are basically made of wooden casing and due to this, are often one chambered. They are not the most preferred but external view enhancements always single out wooden products.
What We Recommend:The best example in this category is Bubble Star Wooden Herb Grinder that goes for around $5 for its beauty and cheap price.

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Rotary Crank

best weed grinder review of 4pc Hand-Operated Rotary GrinderThis herb grinder operates through internal cranks that rotate against each other when the external handle is turn. The mechanism is connected such that one twist of the handle causes the cranks to rotate in different directions thus grinding the herb. They also are mostly one chambered.
What We Recommend:4pc Hand-Operated Rotary Grinder is the best rotary crank herb grinder.

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best Poker-Chip herb grinder with pollen scrapper grinder reviewThis refers to a grinder that has two sets of rotating teeth moving very close to each other thereby providing double grinding. It is the most common type since this mechanism reduces the energy and speed needed to crush herbs unlike the electric grinder that mostly relies on fast rotating blades.

What We Recommend

An example is the Poker-Chip herb grinder with pollen scrappers.

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Giant Herb Grinder

best herb grinder Extra Large L 4pc Indian CrusherHerb Grinder reviewThis is mainly used by those who want to crush a big load of weed and is loved by patty freaks as it produces a good amount of fine particles for rolling.

What We Recommend

The 4.0” Extra-large 4pc CNC designed Indian/Tobacco/Herb crasher is the best example. It is made from raw aluminum and has an improved pollen scrap mesh with cap pieces held together magnetically.

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Bullet Herb Grinder

best herb grinder review of aluminum 3 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Revolver Bullet GrinderThis is basically a two or three chamber grinder with an exterior bullet design and improved mesh screen to remove fine pollen from the herb. It is preferred by most people, including the renowned artists.

What We Recommend

The 2-inch Revolver Bullet Grinder (3 Piece Aluminum) is a good example.
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Bud Grater

best bud grinder review of TulasiLeaf Grater ZesterThe bud grater is a simple tool that is used both in the kitchen to shred ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and other vegetable and can also grate the large buds of hybrid marijuana. They are mainly made of stainless steel and the best bug grater is produced by TulasiLeaf.
What We Recommend: TulasiLeaf’s Zester Herb Grater is handheld and mostly preferred by chef smokers since it served both in the kitchen and herb refining. It currently costs around $20 and is made with a rubbery base to prevent slipping as well as a blade cover to protect you from the sharp blades after use.

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What Is Your Grinder Of Choice?

Although herb grinders were purportedly produced for use in kitchen spices and herbs, they are more commonly used to crush tobacco and marijuana to produce consistent shaped particles. Most of the people thinking of best weed grinder when you say you are looking for “best herb grinder”. They are made of plastic metal or wood and are used to enable a rolled or bowled cigarette or marijuana (bud) joint to burn evenly when smoking. In the kitchen, herb grinder shreds ingredients like herbs, spices and even some dry vegetables to fine consistency for use in homemade meals. It may seem like a single purpose accessory, but there are several different types of herb grinders depending on the number of compartments/chambers. The specific examples are differentiated by the particle size which it produces. Want to learn more? Check out the video below.

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