5 Best affordable scotch You Can’t miss

Scotch is a spirit that has been associated with us like no other spirit for several years now. Right from the natural process of extracting the drink from barley and water, to leaving behind a punchy flavor in the mouth, scotch has always played an eminent role in the lives of men and women alike, but mostly men. If you are new to drinking scotch, it might take some time, and of course, some tongue maturity before you turn into an avid scotch drinker. When you first try the drink, you may be taken back by its potency. However, once you start drinking it the next few times, you will begin to understand what makes it so enjoyable and beguiling.

When it comes to choosing your first scotch, whether you are ordering at a pub or looking to buy a bottle, the choice you make can actually determine whether or not your relationship with the drink will be long. This isn’t something you tipple for the fun factor associated with it, like tequila. This is mainly because most scotch is quite expensive and may not be affordable for everyone.

There are a few reasons why scotch is quite expensive. One primary reason is that, as most of the drink is imported, different taxes have to be paid in order to bring the booze from one country to another. In addition, scotch is usually aged for longer years than many other spirits; therefore, the price of a bottle of scotch also depends on this factor and the associated costs like the amount of liquid lost during the maturity period, required cask storage space, etc.

The good news is, you will be able to find some great tasting scotch at affordable rates, and they will taste as good as those from widely popular brands, if not better. Following is a list of some of the best affordable scotch you can have on your list.

Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glen Moray

This single malt scotch whisky is an entry level spirit that comes with a pleasant aroma. The scent of this scotch is not very strong and the alcoholic smell isn’t that prominent as well, making it an excellent choice even for those of you who are new to scotch drinking. When you first smell the scotch, you will be able to experience shortbread and butterscotch with a hint of herbal notes. Further down, lemon curd and meringue would be the smells you will get to discover. This spirit has one of the lightest bodies, and tastes delicately spiced, leaving behind a warming feel in your mouth. For a price of $27 (£21), the Glen Moray Scotch Whisky is a really good choice for everyone who loves something mild and not too overpowering.

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky


The single malt scotch whisky from anCnoc is 16 years old and hence has excellent aromas and flavors seeped right through the drink. The drink itself sparkles in gold color, which actually makes it more appealing. Your first smell of the scotch will lead to experiencing citrus bursts, which will then slowly turn into a subtle aroma of vanilla. With 46% alcohol volume, the anCnoc scotch has quite a thick, silky and creamy feel in the mouth. However, when you add water to it, it tends to thin out, a consistency that some of you may like and some may not. With its creamy texture, combined with fruity and spiced taste, this single malt scotch whisky will make a great after-dinner drink. The anCnoc Highland scotch is priced just above $60.

Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch Whisky

Pigs Nose

If you have a happy-go-lucky personality, not really caring about what you get to drink very seriously, then the Pig’s Nose scotch whisky should be right up your alley. The scotch carries this name because it is claimed to be as smooth as a pig’s nose, which it actually is, with its creamy tone and texture. This copper colored spirit is aged for five years, which is quite low when compared to the other scotch falling under the same price range. Due to this relatively less aging period, the scotch has thin body. It carries light fruity flavors, and the liquor is very smooth and easy to drink. The Pig’s Nose scotch has a great balance of malt and smoke, and hence will make a solid addition to your scotch collection. Available for $30, this is certainly one best affordable scotch.

Dalwhinnie 15 Scotch Whisky


The Dalwhinnie scotch whisky is a 15-year old clean and crisp liquor from the Dalwhinnie distillery. This is perhaps one of the lighter spirits you will come across in the affordable range, and you will most likely enjoy the same. If you are someone who prefers bold and peaty spirits, then this may not be the right choice for you. The scotch carries a fruity smell, a blend of orange and lemon, some subtle herbal and spicy notes, like mint and cinnamon, with a touch of smoke. When it comes to taste, the Dalwhinnie 15 is very delicate and light bodied, but certainly bright and fresh tasting. At the background is a slight taste of honey, but there is no overpowering sweetness. On the whole, this would be a great choice for a hot day, and considering its affordable price, this scotch definitely tastes great and is a wonderful bargain.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch Whisky


The Laphroaig scotch is always known to be one of the smokiest and peatiest styles you can buy. The Quarter Cask is a more affordable version of the same and comes with some great complex flavors. As soon as you open the bottle, you will be able to smell smoke, strong yet gentle. Adding to the smoky smell are some fruity and sweet flavors, including vanilla. The taste is definitely peaty, with a bit of spice and sweetness. It does not taste as oily as some other scotch on the market, but not too weak either. Once you finish the drink, you may feel the taste of ginger and lemon lingering in your mouth for quite some time. Overall, this is one fine scotch priced at around $40.

Buying best affordable scotch is the right option not just for starters, but also for all scotch drinkers in general, either to try out new flavors or to remain within budget.

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