5 Best Sipping Rum

The world is currently experiencing a rum rejuvenation. As new bars open daily around the world and bartenders delve into new ways of celebrating the spirit through curated rum lists and cocktails, there could not be a better time to gain some knowledge and excitement about the vast world of rum.

If you are used to the cheap brands out there, then you might wonder why all the excitement. You must be one of the people that think that rum is pretty much one dimensional, best-consumed shot by shot with coca cola or hidden under fruit juice. This very day it should occur to you that rum is one of the most interesting and complex spirits. To be precise, it is one of the best of the sipping liquor realm; a category of alcohol that has a massive spread in flavors and styles that is quite expansive, with some brands tasting so great when sipped on the ‘rocks’ or solo. So great is their taste that they rival the infamous scotch or cognac.

Below are five great options to kick start your sipping journey.

El Dorado 15-Year-Old Special Reserve

El Dorado 15-Year-Old Special Reserve

The Eldorado has an enormous fun base in bartenders all over the world.  The reason behind this is its crazy depth in flavor and opulence.  This 15-year-old special reserve has a large bulky body filled with tobacco and dark molasses. Its underlying funk is just marvelous.

It is blended from a culmination of rums that are up to twenty-five years old and aged in used casks made out of bourbon. Its texture is so thick to the point that it feels chewable. While taking it, you will note hints of clove-spiced orange and coffee.

The Eldorado is a great take after meals.

Santa Teresa 1796

Santa Teresa 1796

If you know anything about companies and their products, then you will be aware that this firm goes through it all to see to it that its flagship product is of the best quality. The Santa Teresa happens to enjoy such benefits from its producers since it is the flagship product of its mother company.  Its quality is unmatched.

It undergoes quite the complicated process with some of its ingredients being white rums, still vintages that are as old as 35 years and heavy bodied rums.  When the ingredients are blended, it is then aged in bourbon barrels.

The Santa Teresa has great taste, and this can be backed by the lovers of rye whiskey. Its unique flavor is derived from various products that are added during the production process. Some examples include coconut flavors, spice, and slightly smoky honey.

With this drink, the biggest challenge is finding the optimum level of dilution.  A single ice cube at a time will do the trick of getting it to its full potential.

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO

The Plantation rum is unique concerning its production process. You will be surprised to learn that the rum is made and aged in different countries.  The point behind the entire struggle is to ensure the consumer gets a top notch product.

The countries where the rum is made and aged include Central America and the Caribbean. To get it to perfection, it is then shipped to France where it is aged once more but this time in Ferrand Cognac barrels.

It has great depth in flavor characterizing hints of dried dates and apricot.  This rum tastes best without any additives, and this means ice too.

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

The Diplomatico is rum manufactured for those that cannot stand bittersweet drinks. It is for those that enjoy their rum sweet.

It has very attractive look resembling baked bananas that have chocolate or a fruit cake laced with dried dates. It is a drink that will get your mouth watery. Its appearance and taste make it the best dessert sipper out there.

The Diplomatico is aged for twelve years and is a blend of light rum and heavy rum. The heavy rum makes 80% of the mixture, and the light rum makes 20% percent.

If you settle for this rum, you should know that it does not contain wood flavors which make it unbalanced. However, that should not throw you off since it is still very delicious.

Zaya Gran Reserva 12

Zaya Gran Reserva 12

The Zaya Gran Reserva 12 is a drink that hails from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad.  The distillery credited with making this fantastic drink has been in operation since 1947. Its experience in making rum is what gives it the ability to come up with high-quality rum such as the Zaya.

Just as the name suggests, the rum is matured for twelve years in bourbon barrels. It is a medium-bodied rum that is bright in color. The brightness in color is a result of the vast quantity of vanilla in it. It also contains a hint of cinnamon.

The Zaya is an excellent choice for those that love sweet rum. It is best taken neat as ice ruins its delicious taste.

You will be amazed to learn that despite the amazing characteristics of the different kinds of rum mentioned above that can rival a cognac, none of them will require you to break the bank to afford them. At reasonable stores, none of the rum above will topple over the fifty dollar price tag. That price is incomparable to that of scotch or cognac.

Rum can serve many purposes or go with any occasion. If you are looking to add on to your collection of drinks, then rum is an excellent choice. If you are having a party and require drinks rum will do since it entices a majority. Lastly, if you are at home and you have just had your dinner, a glass of rum will do to calm you to bed.

For those that had no idea about rum then you have been informed. Pick your wallets or bags and run to the store to get yourself enjoying this fantastic drink soonest.

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