5 Best Checked Luggage For Travel

No matter how hard you try to avoid them you will always need a checked luggage bag. Carry-on bags look good to travel with, but will never be enough especially if you are a frequent traveler. Whether you are going on that one month vacation, or a long business trip you will require extra room in your suitcase for things you might acquire while still on your trip.

Here are five of the best checked luggage bags based on today’s travelling standards.

Rockland Luggage Set

Rockland 2 Piece Luggage

As a brand Rockland boasts of its fine catalog of travel luggage. The Rockland 2 piece is one of the fine luggage bags that the brand offers for the style confident traveler. The luggage bag is known for its colorful and patterned designs which are influenced by modern fashion designs and trends.

This Rockland set comprises of a 19” rolling bag plus a 14” lightweight lag for additional carrying space. With the carry-on’s and the Tote bag’s dimensions being 19”x13”x8” and 11”x12”x5.5” respectively, and a combined lightweight of 7 pounds, this 2 piece luggage can easily be conveyed while carrying a sizable amount of clothes. The bags are well designed to perfectly position above and underneath seats for easy storage when travelling.

The 2-piece luggage is made of 3x polyester which confirms the sets’ durability and ensures they last longer. For easy manipulation, the carry-ons include a telescopic handgrip and mobility is enhanced by the skate wheels at the base of the bag. The lag or tote bag comprises zippered pockets which expand easily for additional packing.

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American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25

This Ilite Xtreme Spinner includes a style and storage for multiple types of travel owing to its wide range of unisex and fashion colors. Made from 100% long-lasting polyester fabric, the American Tourister Ilite xtreme is highly durable thus making it perfect for long distance travelling and hiking.

It also includes an expansive main compartment, an easy to pull handle plus four multi-directional wheels that ease its maneuverability. The spinner’s interior is fully wadded with nylon and also features confinement straps and zippered compartments which make it perfect for keeping intricate and small items or accessories.

For last minute add-ons or extra luggage space, the bag includes two large front compartments. The top and side handles are firmly joined up into the luggage. They help carry the luggage in case you are on a rough terrain or you just do not feel like dragging it by its wheels. The luggage weighs 9.5lbs when empty.

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US Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set Expandable

US Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set Expandable

Traveler’s choice is arguably one of the best luggage manufacturers in North America today. The New Yorker 4 Piece expandable luggage set is an excellent luggage for recurrent travelers. Made from 30% dobby material and 70% polyester lining, these checked luggage is strong and will see you transverse continents for the longest time. The high volume body allows proper organization of things inside the bag.

The easy to retract handle procedure and adjourned spinner wheels make this luggage agile and easy to maneuver with exceptional movement. The inclusion of the duffel bag makes it perfect for last minute travelers or for carrying less stuff. Each of the three cases has two exterior compartments which offers ample storage space. The cases have straps inside for better organization of things. This 4 piece comes in a variety of colors and patterned art to suit different personalities.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage bag

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Wheel Upright

If you are a frequent traveler it is important that you have a sturdy suitcase that offers durability. This Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase fits the description well. One of the suitcase’s strong points is the stylish look which is featured well on the design.

Made from 95% ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material and 5% strong hardware section, it ensures the case maintains its fashionable rugged design. The exterior molded additions provide maximum impact resistance thus reducing cracks or any other damages on your luggage. This makes certain the contents inside are safe and secure.

It also includes a high volume interior with tie down straps and zippered compartments which help in organization and keeping the contents in one place when travelling. The fitted side, the top handles and the side bezels allow for easy lifting when on rough terrains and an upright stand when placed down. The multi-directional wheels allow for easy mobility when dragging. The Kenneth Cole Suitcase is available in a variety of colors each with the same sturdy design.

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Olympia Unisex Pocket Rolling Duffel

Olympia Unisex Pocket Rolling Duffel

Tired of always having to use large luggage suitcases even when carrying minimal stuff? This polyester fabric lightweight Olympia duffel is the ideal bag for you. With an adjustable handle and two wheels at the bottom, the case is quite easy to maneuver and move around making it move swiftly through airports and hotel lobbies.

Made from a 100% maximum protection polyester material and high quality strong plastic wheels, the luggage is waterproof, resistant to impact and can do well on rough terrains. This also ensures that the inside contents are safe and secure.

For utmost versatility, this luggage is made of 8 convenient zippered compartments with a U-shaped top opening which offers easy access to variables. The Olympia Unisex Pocket Rolling Duffel also comes in a wide range of colors.

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Selecting the right checked luggage isn’t an easy job, since different luggage bags are intended for different purposes or travel destinations. An example is when selecting between duffel and a hard shell; if you are packing clothes only, the duffel might be the most convenient choice, but if you are going to be carrying fragile content which will require extra security and safety, then the hard shell luggage case is ideal. Most (if not all) hard shell suitcases have impact resistant bodies and tie down straps inside, thus are designed to keep your items safe.


Always go for durability when looking for the perfect luggage bag, there is nothing more embarrassing than being at an airport terminal with a torn luggage bag.

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