20 Food Bloggers Every Foodie Should Follow

Are you a foodie? Constantly looking for new recipes to try and new cuisines to explore? Well, here we are helping you with your food quest, by listing down the 20 food blogs every food lover should follow. All of these bloggers are sure to keep you stuffed with new, appealing, and the most delectable food recipes, and anything and everything about food, helping you keep your loved ones addicted to your food.

foodieWith food blogs getting more and more popular each year, it can be quite difficult for you to decide on which one to follow and which not to. Fret not, because we have conducted a hunting spree throughout the web and come up with the best and most unique food bloggers in the blogosphere, who have flabbergasted innumerable people like you with their distinctive recipes and amazing culinary skills.

Jeanine Donofrio

Blog – Love and lemons

love and lemonsBeautifully constructed by the author, this blog is ideal for veggie lovers (though the blog is not entirely vegetarian) and those looking for some simple yet tasty gluten-free recipes. Those of you following a special diet, say dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, etc. can find  wonderful recipes such as vegan cherry chocolate oatmeal cookies and alike. With recipes for a wide range of meal types, including cocktails, desserts, snacks, and appetizers, this food blogger has a unique way for making vegetables delicious and exciting.

Sarah Britton

Blog – My New Roots

My new rootsTo help her readers in making healthy food choices in their daily lives, Sarah, a Holistic Nutritionist and the author of this blog shares some wonderful, flavorsome and healthy recipes, for all seasons and meal types. In addition to sharing recipes ranging from salads, vegan, raw food, macrobiotic, and vegetarian, the author also encourages and inspires her readers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Gina Homolka

Blog – Skinny Taste

Skinny TasteIf you are looking for recipes thatmake skinny versions of your most
favorite luscious meals, Gina’s blog Skinny Taste has it all. The blog features various healthy, family friendly, low-fat, delicious recipes in all categories, including special diet recipes, seasonal recipes, and more. May it be tasty low carb recipes, or rich sugary treats with a healthy twist, Gina’s recipes enable you to enjoy your favorite dishes without having to feel guilty later on or blow your diet.

Stephanie Le

Blog – I am a Food Blog

I am a food blog

As soon as we enter Stephanie’s blog, we are awestruck by its profuse and delightful photos and its outstanding design (no wonder it won Saveur Magazine’s Blog of the Year award for 2014). Her recipes and pictures portray foods all of us love to cook and eat, which includes recipes like meatball parmesan sliders and homemade brownie pops. She shares a story with each of her recipes; all her posts are completely engaging and friendly, and her recipes effortless to follow.

Liren Baker

Blog – Kitchen Confidante

kitchen confidante

Authored by Liren, a mother of two living in the Bay Area, this blog brings to you culinary cultures from around the world. Most of her food stories and recipes are focused towards her friends and family, and everything that augments your adventures in kitchen and excites your taste buds.  For new visitors, Liren recommends her family favorites, which your family will start loving as well. From appetizers to beverages and desserts to condiments, there is something in each category that every foodie will love.

Maria and Josh

Blog – Two Peas & Their Pod

two peas

If you are a fan of fresh, simple, and family friendly recipes, then the recipes from Maria and Josh’s kitchen are sure to attract you. What started out as simply a recipe page for their family and friends has now turned out to inspire thousands of food lovers from across the world. If you have been searching for that perfect cookie recipe for years now, your search ends right at this blog because Maria is famous for her excellent cookie recipes. From her peanut butter cookies to vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, her recipes are absolutely healthy, without compromising on taste, and are definitely to die for.

Kathleen Henry

Blog: Produce on Parade

produce on paradeHappy news for vegans out there; Produce on Parade, authored by Katie, is yet another vegan food blog with a wonderful and delicious assortment of healthy smoothies, pastas, breakfast recipes, salads, and also vegan dessert recipes. I mean how many of us get the idea of making a chocolate banana pie with protein powder? Katie does, and her recipes focus on vegan and clean eating.

Kirsten Hall

Blog: My Kitchen in the Rockies

My kitchen in the rockies

Launched in the year 2010, this blog features recipes from three different cuisines: American, French, and German. The creator of the blog, Kirsten, prefers to use fresh, local, organic ingredients, which will impress you greatly, if you are a lover of organic produce as well. With her recipes featured in different food blogs and magazines, Kirsten’s food blog is a definite go-to blog if you are interested in trying unique recipes from new cuisines.

Amber Wilson

Blog – For the Love of the South

for the love of the south

Nominated for the Best Food Blog Awards 2013, this is one of the best blogs we’ve come across that leans towards southern cooking. Amber loves to put a southern spin on all her favorite recipes, without regard to the type of cuisine. From ice creams to pastas and soups to lemonades, For the Love of the South has a touch of southern flavor, which makes the dishes really decadent.

Olena Osipov

Blog – iFoodreal

ifoodrealThis blog consists of several meat-friendly recipes, from chicken to
turkey to seafood, but we also cannot overlook the great vegetarian recipes, which will make even you meat lovers salivate by just looking at their pictures. Olena crafts her recipes from healthy, organic, GMO-free ingredients, with the intention of making her readers discard processed foods and practice clean eating.

Dan Toombs

Blog – The Curry Guy

the curry guy

If you are a lover of spicy, rich, and yummy Indian food, then Dan’s The Curry Guy blog is the perfect stop for you. Originally from the US, Dan Toombs masters the Indian cuisine and keeps innovating different recipes in his own style. With thorough research on the different Indian spices and flavors, he continues to produce new, unique recipes such as tandoori salmons, banana dosas, chocolate chilli ice cream, and more.


Meeta Khurana

Blog – What’s for Lunch, Honey?

whats for lunchHaving born in India to a hotelier, Meeta carried her love for food throughout the world, exploring new places and cuisines, yet sticking to her roots. Her fascination for food led to the construction of this blog, which now contains more than 300 recipes covering different world cuisines. Try her recipes and enjoy watching your family and friends relish the food you prepare.

Elise Bauer

Blog – Simply Recipes

simply recipes

Whether you are looking for low carb recipes, gluten-free foods, or rich and scrumptious beef recipes for a family dinner, Simply Recipes by Elise shines in all categories. Most of her recipes are old family recipes that have been passed on for several years. And to those recipes Elise pulls from a newspaper or cookbook, she adds her own little twist of taste.

Cristina Sciarra

Blog – The Roaming Kitchen

the roaming kitchen

With experiences from her culinary school and writing school combined, Cristina posts heavenly recipes with whole, quality ingredients. Her posts are fun and inspiring, and her recipes are attractive and easy-to-cook. From sauces and dips, tarts and pies, noodles and pastas, to dairy free, gluten free, and vegan recipes, The Roaming Kitchen is packed with all.

Erica Pitera

Blog – Erica’s Sweet Tooth

my sweet toothIf you have great fondness for sweets, join Erica in her baking obsession, on Erica’s Sweet Tooth blog. Even though Erica is a dentist by profession, she has great passion for baking and always creates loads and loads of mouth-watering desserts. Enter the world of cupcakes, brownies, scones, ice creams, donuts, and pies and feed your sweet cravings.

Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

Blog – Simple Bitessimple bites

Aimée, a former chef and currently a mother of three children, is the
chief cook and main writer of this blog. Her husband Danny is also a frequent contributor to the blog. Together, they strive to provide you nourishing, unprocessed food recipes, fostering the love of eating local and seasonal produce. Her comprehensive recipes include breakfast and brunch recipes, baby and toddler food, beverages, sauces, marinades, condiments, jellies and jams, lunch box recipes, and a lot more.

McKel Hill

Blog – Nutrition Stripped

nutrition strippedNutrition Stripped is a growing community for health enthusiasts who, like McKel, love delicious, simple, and healthy foods. Even if you are new to the fitness fanatic community, McKel’s blog has so much to offer you in terms of support, inspiration, recipes, and how-to tips on living happier and healthier. If you belong to the crowd that says healthy food aren’t tasty, this food blogger bets to differ, with her recipes like chocolate cocoa kale chips and cauliflower pizza crust.

Christy Jordan

Blog – Southern Platesouthern plate

With traditional southern recipes from her mother and
grandmothers, Christy takes over this blog to express her love for southern food and preserve the heritage of the same. As she gives a southern twist to almost every recipe, all of you with yearning for southern food can revel in it with Christy’s recipes. All her recipes are easy to cook and she includes a small story behind each of those, which make her blog an instant hit among food lovers.

Lesley and David Solmonson

Blog – 12 Bottle Bar

12 bottle bar

Unlike most other food blogs in the blogosphere, this blog makes classic cocktails easily accessible to common people right at their homes. Disappointed with the many obscure ingredients demanded for making cocktails, David and Lesley came up with a list of primary ingredients (the 12 bottles) that would suffice for making hundreds of original and classic cocktails. So get ready to impress your dinner guests next time with customized cocktail recipes.

Laurie McNamara

Blog – Simply Scratchsimply scratch

Her love for cooking from scratch has made this blogger excel in it,
creating recipes from fresh ingredients rather than opting for frozen or boxed meals. Over the years, Laurie has created a wide array of recipes that do not in any way include artificial colors and sweeteners. With her amazing brownie recipes, she shows her readers how easy it is to make it from scratch rather than buying readymade brownie mix from stores.

So there’s our list of exceptional food bloggers. I’m sure your inner chef is waiting to try their delicious and colorful recipes.

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