The 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Don’t Have As Revealed By The Pros

A lot of food lovers have a collection of different types of kitchen gadgets to make their work in the kitchen area easier and some, just to add to their fancy tool collection. There are so many gadgets in the market that promise to dice, slice and chop better than their predecessors.

Having a well equipped kitchen makes it easier to do a lot of tasks within a short period of time.

However, there are the essentials that every kitchen must have. These are the tools that make it possible for food preparation. Read on to find out the 10 kitchen gadgets you probably don’t have as revealed by the pros.

Well plated


Erin blogs at well plated, a blog that is committed to make healthy and tasty food. The recipes on this blog are affordable and easy to follow. She uses natural, everyday ingredients to make great meals. Once in a while, you will find some dessert recipes. We all can do with some little chocolate in our lives!

Casabella dish brushes, scrubbers, sponges

Casabella dish brushes, sponges and scrubbers come in beautiful, different colors. The scrubbing material effectively cleans and dries fast unlike a sponge. However, you should be careful when cleaning pots and pans as the top of the scrubber is made of hard plastic and may end up scratching your pots and pans.

Still, the handle is not angled so it may be difficult to use the simple the flat surface of the scrubber. However, I find it a convenient dish scrubber with just the perfect amount of scrubbing, without being harsh. It’s also comfortable to hold and doesn’t hold in grime. I also use them for scraping food off before putting in the dishwasher. Read more about this brand here.

Gourmande in the kitchen

Gourmande in the kitchen is a healthy food blog run by Sylvie. All the recipes you will find on the site are sugar free, gluten free and contain natural ingredients. If you are looking for tasty paleo, raw food, vegan and allergy friendly food, you will find that and more here. To prepare exceptionally healthy foods, you need the best kitchen tool such as the ones we have reviewed. Read the whole blog post of Sylvie’s kitchen tools for healthy living here.

Magic Bullet

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

I love my Magic Bullet NutriBullet blender. Not only does it help me make healthier food choices, it’s a multi-purpose appliance in the kitchen. When I need to pulverize and blend fruits, protein shakes and vegetables, I reach out for this. If I need to blend something for my kids, this Magic Bullet NutriBullet works perfectly as the food is blended smoothly, making it easy to swallow.

Le-Creuset-Enameled-Cast-Iron Skillet

Le Creuset produces enamel-coated cast iron cookware, from French ovens to skillets. The enamel coating makes this cookware safe to use on glass stovetops as well as non-stick. It is safe to use even at very high heat and extremely durable. What I love most about my Le-creuset-enameled-cast-iron skillet is that it’s dishwasher safe and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance like ordinary cast-iron. My mom has owned a Le-creuset-enameled-cast-iron skillet for years and adores it.

My Le-creuset-enameled-cast-iron skillet heats evenly and cooks food perfectly just like any other cast iron pans. I also don’t have to worry about cooking soups or foods with lots of salt, which normally would interfere with the seasoning on my other cast iron pans. The best thing about it is that it washes easily and I can use my regular dish soap.



Meet Dana and her husband John, the owners of minimalistbaker.com, a website that is dedicated to make cooking as simple as possible. Most meals you will find here need 10 ingredients or less and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. They share their favorite cooking tools right here.

Measuring cups and spoons

I bake, A LOT. Measuring cups and spoons are an absolute must have if you bake especially when you’re less experienced. Get different cups for measuring both dry and wet ingredients. I love stainless steel cups as they come in different shapes, sizes and price range.

Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears are some of the newcomers in my kitchen, but I’ve used them so much than I ever thought! I use them to cut chicken into smaller parts, trimming stems from my flowers, cutting open packets of food etc.

What the fork food blog


Meet Sharon, the witty, no gluten food blogger. You will absolutely fall in love with her amazing blog that has great pictures of the foods she prepares for her family. And what more! This is one of the few blogs I have come across that contains how to tutorials to make it easy for someone trying a recipe for the first time. On this post, she shares some unique kitchen gadgets for food lovers.

Magnetic Porter Bottle Opener

She recommends this as a perfect gift for a foodie. Imagine trying to open your cold beer bottle after a hard day’s work only to have the top clank to the floor. And picture a bunch of your friends doing that! Doesn’t sound super! Well, this magnetic bottle opener will do all the catching for you. No need to keep looking for the scattered bottle openers. The wood base is fitted with a hard to find earth magnet, which holds bottle tops immediately they fall.

For the love of

Andrea runs for the love of where she shares about her love of food and wellness, personal style, DIY and family life. The blog contains great pictures with insightful articles that will make you want to read each blog post. She has a love for healthy meals, which she shares with her readers. Not only does she prefer using a sharp knife while in the kitchen, but she shares with readers basic knife skills.

A sharp knife

It doesn’t matter the brand, my kitchen has to have a sharp knife. It’s much safer than a dull one so don’t be afraid of one. Get the best brand you can afford and you will enjoy every minute you spend in your kitchen. You can buy a paring, chef and serrated knife as these will take care of almost anything you will need to cut.


Alanna is a pastry chef who loves food photography, a cookbook author and stylist. You will see great pictures of the foods she prepares on her blog. You will find all the sweet recipes you enjoy. The ingredients are easy to get. Most recipes are vegetarian and gluten free. Occasionally, you will come across vegan recipes. She loves baking and she recommends using an instant read thermometer while cooking.

Instant-Read Thermometers

An instant read thermometer is often found in the meat section or with most other kitchen gadgets. This instant read thermometer ensures that my meat and poultry are well cooked and done to my preference.

Oh my veggies


Kiersten runs this vegetarian blog that focuses on simple recipes made with fresh ingredients that are easy to find. The recipes are delicious and anyone can make from complete beginners to experienced cooks. Here you will find healthy, tasty veggie meals that are delicious and require a few minutes to prepare in your kitchen. She loves experimenting with different cooking gadgets and you will see lots of them here. On this post, she shares some of her favorite kitchen tools that make her work easier when preparing her meals.

Stainless Steel Colander

A colander is indispensable for draining pasta. Just be sure to buy one that is the ideal size for your family. Consider how much pasta you will need to drain at once. In addition, ensure it will fit in your kitchen sink. I find salad spinners to be great as well, though it’s not really a must have since you can soak veggies in the sink and then drain with your colander.

The first year blog

If you have a sweet tooth, this is your place. You will find great desserts that are easy to make and even healthy desserts that will curb all your cravings. Beth shares the tools she uses to make each meal on her blog after each post. Here are some of her favorites.


They can either be rubber or metal, but I prefer mine rubber. They are heat resistant, light in weight and durable. Spatulas will help you flip pancakes, cheese sandwiches and omelets.

Mixing Bowls

A set of mixing bowls that fit inside one another helps to save space in your kitchen. They are versatile, affordable and will last for generations.

Hip foodie mom


Hip foodie mom is run by Alice. She tries to use organic products in her recipes. Here, you will come across fresh, delicious foods made with natural ingredients. You can try different cuisines from meat dishes to Asian to vegetarian inspired dishes. She loves to make the most use of all the food she cooks and hates wasting. That is why she cannot live without good storage containers both for the fridge and pantry.

Storage containers

If you thought storage containers are only meant for storing leftover, think again. Apart from storing left over food in the fridge, they can be used for keeping ingredients that remained while making last night’s dinner.



Ali started the blog in 2009 as a way to document her favorite recipes and get back to them later. Over the years, the blog has grown to a place where she spends most of her time. This is one of her favorite kitchen gadgets she swears by.

The Microplane grater

This is one kitchen gadget that has changed my home kitchen totally. The blades come razor sharp and are constructed to get out all the flavors from your food. It works great with onions, citrus, cheeses and ginger. Since this doesn’t do well in grating soft cheeses such as cheddar, it’s important to get a box grater as well.
We would love to hear about some indispensable tools in your kitchen.

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